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Vjera V


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don’t think I ever had a piece that is selling this fast and from your orders I can see lots of you want to purchase a set.

Yes, this is a story how one vintage denim jeans became loved couture mini skirt and denim bralette🧪🔬⚗️🧬

we sourced vintage denim supplier and got jeans, cut into skirt and hand embellished (we offer different colour beading).

then we thought  hard how to use the leftovers and truly upcycle the whole jeans.

we stitched the pieces together to have enough fabric for our bralette.

(any colour lining available).

DM us if you want any other colour.

Of course it’s 100% cotton, saved from landfill, loved, really seen for its potential and Angeline set created by hand. 


So excited to see where this journey takes us.

it feels wonderful to be able to offer this as part of our ethical range (all our pieces are).