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Vjera V

BE KIND, donations for UKRAINE

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Dear family and friends,

as the horrors of the war in Ukraine  are unfolding, I must admit I have felt so helpless and overwhelmed with so many emotions.

From fear, to disappointment, rage, and shock, I felt nothing I can do will actually make a difference.

But yesterdays image of a mother writing her info on a body of her child, in identify.. it broke something in me.

And the desire to actively help, the duty I felt as a mother, human, aunt, sister became louder then fear.

At the same time  that I retreated, my beautiful, wonderful friend Kristina and her group of friends, started saving lives.

Based in Croatia, they are collecting funds, buying medicine, driving to the boarder, taking care of refugees, many of them mothers with children, that came to Croatia.

I have full faith in them, they have been working tirelessly for weeks already, they are knocking on every door, being the voice of those that lost everything..

They are transparent and you see where the money goes to.

You can follow their work on the facebook page:

" "

I want to help. PLEASE HELP TOO.

you don't have to buy anything, donate here and all the money will go straight to them and I will be updating you directly.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and lets hope that  this too shall pass.